Janice Thi Tran

Janice Thi Tran

Vietnam Diary Pt. 2

A trip away from the bustling city.

While Vietnam is still an underrated destination for one of the best tropical places to travel, your expectations are surely to be met and exceeded. Five hours later on a sleeper bus from the bustling city, we arrived to The Cliff in Phan Thiet, but not simply to touch some sand and dip our toes in water. The experience was much more than that. The Cliff overlooks a pristine private beach and is surrounded by scenes of endless greenery and fresh air that makes for perfect photo-ops and a beautiful getaway. This area is specifically known for nước mắm, a savory dipping sauce for your chả giòs and is what you pour over your bowl of bún thịt nướng,  fishing villages; and the sand dunes of Mui Ne. 

      photos taken by Michael Anthony

2 responses to “Vietnam Diary Pt. 2”

  1. Angela says:

    Doc many neutrals and greens :3! Your post mad met crazy hectic day feel lighter, thanks for the share!

    Now part 3?

  2. Little Bunny Foo Foo says:

    i love you. i need to start my blog tbh.

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